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For an organization, nothing is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, an enterprise bets more on people than strategies. But the inability to see beyond the point of hire is the prime cause of non-optimal hiring quality. Alt Analytics Talent Acquisition bridges the gap between recruitment and workforce data, it empowers the decision maker’s insights and intelligence and enhances an organization’s recruitment processes.

It's all about fetching accurate data

Alt Analytics Talent Acquisition digs deep into the data to understand the hiring quality to achieve better results for the long term. Alt Analytics connects an organization’s ATS and other candidate data with talent management, core HR, and other workforce data to give an analysis of the recruiting decisions will lead to the best employees-organization growth in the long run.

Convert data into Knowledge

Alt Analytics, gives credible data-driven results and predictions to attain actionable insights for a better hiring process. Have a holistic view of the data with instant updates about the recruiting patterns allowing hiring managers to be self-sufficient in their approach.

Better tracking for better results

Alt Analytics ensures accuracy across all levels of the hiring funnel. Track diversified pool of candidates with a single unified platform. Increase hiring rates by matching the diversity of candidate pool data with the current employee’s data.

Predict hiring

What better than having an intuitive source of knowledge giving insights about the workforce. Alt analytics prediction engine recognizes the organization’s hiring patterns, converts them into implementable insights and accordingly gives recommendations to a hiring manager

Data-driven talent management

Efficient and effective planning makes a foundation for a productive workforce that is aligned to achieve business goals. Hindrances due to misalignment within the support functions such as finance and HR prevent an organization from achieving set targets. Alt analytics data-driven Talent Management approach enables collaboration among various business functions which eventually allows an organization to make better decisions, optimize operations and eliminate randomness.

Accuracy is the key

The most important aspect of an analytics tool is how instantly and accurately it generates a comprehensive view of the data. Gone are the days of managing numerous spreadsheets with all the number crunching. Data about headcount and financials from all the systems are just a click away guiding an organization to have a complete picture of the workforce-related costs.

Talent performance and rating

What’s better to be able to track the performance of the entire workforce and eventually give a rating based on. Alt Analytics power of combining data from multiple sources into a simple clean dashboard empowers an organization to perfectly manage its talent.

Seamless talent recruitment and attrition management

There’s no better scenario for an organization than talent acquisition and talent management operating in unison. This allows HR to dig deep on talent and timing requirements and produce better results for predicting joining, exits and internal movements.

Predictive insights on the go

Every organization aims to have an engaged workforce which is aligned with the business goals. Have a bird’s eye view about the performance and movement of your entire workforce through various verticals of the business.

Balance sheets and employees

Unify employee data to view trends, patterns, and results that help you to shape your workforce. The organization provides a fundamental set of metrics and business analytics parameters which combine to generate input data for compensation and benefits dashboard. Managing functionalities such as budgeting, compensation, benefits, and costs on Alt Analytics is as intuitive as it can be.

Accurate, unbiased, and reflective of the organization.

Alt Analytics Benchmarks data comes from large organizations ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of employees across a span of industries making them more relevant comparison points than government data. Because the payout information is collected and standardized directly from systems of record using strict confidentiality standards to ensure no sensitive information is revealed.

Holistic compensation view

Alt Analytics provides a simple and clean dashboard which generates correlated output detailing headcounts and the salary information for an organization. User can drill down to any level of detailing at a single click enabling a simplified user experience.

Navigate growth and change

Alt Analytics helps you get ahead of managing critical financial information by creating accurate payout models that account for planned growth and business goals. Now build organization-wide plans and scenarios that optimize the impact of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures keeping employees in mind.

Collaboration analytics

Alt analytics empowers an organization to examine its health and direction by having an insight about parameters the employees are collaborating on. For a progressive organization, it’s extremely important for the top management to access the trends and topics sprouting within the employees.

Productive collaborations

The channels of communication can be a great source of knowledge for an organization to imbibe the business ideas and goals throughout the organization. When collaboration around data happens, different stakeholders bring different perspectives on an issue, and different perspectives lead to new insights and innovative ideas.

Connect beyond boundaries

Organizations that are spread in multiple geographies, where decision-makers coordinate, collaborate and control internal and external relationships using insights from big data have a global advantage. The advantage that such network organizations have over traditional once, is that the multi-location network enterprises have antennas across time and space to understand how the business environment is changing and they have empowered employees to act upon it when the need arises.

Cockpit view

Now with Alt Analytics get a comprehensive view of all the data from all the systems, and arm yourself with better actionable insights to make decisions that lead to productive business results today and beyond. With Alt Analytics unfold the answers  from all your systems and see all the information right on the home screen.


In the ever-changing dynamic work environment, Alt Analytics keeps you future-ready. It is evident that organizations need more powerful tools to make sense of increasingly bigger data sets. With Alt Analytics empower the decision making with a predictive engine that gives hindsight and foresight in one place. Now convert data into stories and dive into an immersive experience to see the story unfold.

Customized charts and dashboard

Unify all your data to explore the insights on a single screen. Instantly create configurable dashboards with simple drag and drop functionality. Define your metrics to analyze business analytics and the decision-making process.Analyze relationships between multiple dimensions easily by adding multiple measures. Create custom dashboards with custom charts.

Comprehensive reports

Create custom reports for a specific view of the organization, download in a PDF/PPT format. Analyze reports on demand with Alt Analytics, and measure the business impacts in terms of talent management, workforce planning, and more. Understand the hidden details and trends that allow implementable insights for business growth.

“What if” simulators

“What If” your costs are exceeding the budgets? “What If” you need to increase the hiring in your company? Alt Analytics lets you create and simulate workforce decisions with ease so that you are prepared before taking any action.

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