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Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment is one of the most celebrated functions of Human resources. Every organization, big or small believes that for companies to perform, it’s important to have good talent. In today’s age of talent war it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. So companies want to invest as much as they can to streamline the recruitment processes so that much effort of their recruiter goes in identifying innovative ways to attract talent. Recruitment Technology is something that aims to help in this. The use of technology in recruitment isn’t new. Applicant tracking systems have been around for more than 10 years now. Use of Job boards and portals has also been an old trend. But as the search of talent has become more and more difficult, new and new modes of recruitment are coming into picture and that is bring a seismic shift in technology. The new systems can no longer just be the applicant tracking system, they have to provide integration with social media, could be used equally through smartphones and the Web, and at the same time provide a one stop solution for multiple stakeholders in the recruitment process.

How it works

Alt Recruit, our end to end recruitment solution encompasses all these features and more. One of its kind, cloud based Recruitment solution, it provides one stop solution to everyone involved in the recruitment process. It is a cluster of four interfaces: The recruiter portal that provides the recruitment team facilities like application tracking, sourcing interview management etc, The Employer portal: that provides an interface to the line managers to raise a requisition and keep a track of it, The vendor portal where the vendors can see the job postings, post resumes and also take care of billing, and the candidate portal where the candidates can create their profiles, take assessments and be notified about the interviews and also remain informed about the status of their application. Through these four portals, Alt recruit provides exceptional features like social media integration, Video interviewing, vendor collaboration, interview management, pincode hiring etc.

Key Features

recruitment solution with pincode hiringPincode Hiring Solutions
An application that shows the job and the available candidates, drilled down to the level of the pin code. Alt recruit helps you capture the vast data of sourced or eligible candidates and the open positions across globe in the form of an interactive map where you can drill down to the level of a pin code and see what jobs are open there and against that how does the candidate pool look like. This kind of a solution is increasingly impactful when you have people spread all over the country/geographies. It provides you the facility to keep track of your recruitment process from a single location.
our recruitment solution comes with candidate lifecycle managementCandidate Lifecycle Management
An end –to –end solution to manage the complete Talent Acquisition process, right from Application Tracking, Interview Management , to candidate profile management. Through three portals Recruiter’s portal, Employer’s portal and Candidate portal which are closely coupled with each other alt recruit helps in managing the candidate lifecycle. While through the recruiters portal you can track the candidate applications, manage interviews, the employer portal helps you raise requisitions for open positions (keeping you updated about the progress) , and the candidate portal helps the candidates manage their own profile, and apply for the open positions as and when they come.
recruitment solution: video interviewingVideo Interviewing
A next-gen Application that provides video interviewing along with the facility to record them for further assessment. You do not to look for any third party system in case your candidate is sitting in a remote or far off location. Once a video interview is scheduled the link for the interview goes to the interviewer and the candidate. They just have to click on it and the process of interview starts seamlessly. For getting the second view on a candidate the video interview can be recorded and shared.
Collaboration with Candidates and VendorsCollaboration with Candidates and Vendors
Application to meet all your Vendor Management and Candidate Engagement needs. When you have too many vendors who source you candidates it becomes tedious to manage them all.And on top of that when two vendors source the same cv it is a pain to decide who sourced it first. Through this facility duplicate resumes are automatically rejected and at the same time all uploaded ones have a time stamp associated, so there are no clashes. The billing of vendors can also be managed through the same system once a candidate gets selected. Thus providing you a once stop solution to all your vendor management problems.
Customer Specific AssessmentsCustomer Specific Assessments
A recruitment system with assessments seamlessly integrated. To get the best talent these days increasing number of companies are going for assessments.If you have stand alone systems, it is a hassle to capture the results and upload them manually into an applicant tracking system. Alt Recruit seamlessly integrates with assessment systems, so that once a candidate completes assessment the score and other details are captured automatically to move to further rounds
Social RecruitingSocial Recruiting
The new-age social recruiting solution that can collaborate with all kinds of social media. With role social media is playing these days, if your recruitment solutions are not integrated with social media, you are at loss.Alt recruit seamlessly integrates with social media like Facebook, linked in etc. So when you have a job posting same can be shared on social media by single click and the candidate profiles can be sources easily from the profile information available.